Advantages of Farmer’s Market to Farmers and Consumers

Farmer’s market is the name given to the retail market in which farmers sell their products directly to the consumers without including any third party for the sale-purchase of products. It includes shops, stands, tables, booths in indoor or outdoor form displaying the items for selling directly from the end of farmers. Farmers usually sell the goods including veggies, fruits, meat, grains, cereals, spices, dairy items and some occasional food in this category.

Some markets consist of imported goods and delicacies with personal goods and crafts from the end of farmers. The market exists on the world level revealing the cultures, finances and trends of people. This market adds value for farmers as well as consumers. The size of this market is different and depends on the population of city as well as the coverage of city blocks. read the article for related information :

Advantages of Farmer’s Market to Farmers and Consumers

Farmer market benefits to Farmers

The main advantage of direct selling to farmers is to attain high leveled profits in comparison to the sales made to wholesalers, retailers, grocery firms or food processors. They require less storage, transportation, handling and refrigeration requirements by selling the products directly to the consumers without involving any third party.

There are well-organized markets for indoor and outdoor selling of products in farmer’s market. The secondary costs are also reduced by direct selling and the payments are also not delayed by the middle-men. Farmers can get the profits by directly selling the products to consumers. It is conceived that fresh selling of products is always beneficial for the consumers also. They get the desired products at appropriate prices. These prices are still higher for the farmers who get comparatively lower prices when they sell products to their associated wholesalers. Direct selling is easy from the end of farmers and they prefer it for its less complexity for the same. Contracts and bank payouts have lengthy procedures.

Major benefits to consumers

The main benefits attained by consumers in direct selling are:

  • Farmer’s Market is helpful in improvement of social links. It has become feasible to interconnect rural population with urban population in the terms of direct selling by farmers.
  • There is lesser requirement of transport and storage facilities, which is itself a saving for farmers and consumers.
  • Farmer’s market traffic creates new scope for them and encourages the viability of nearby businesses to grow. It creates better ideas for farmers to get better yields and motivates them. click here for more details.
  • Consumers get socially aware by selling in farmer’s market. They begin to notice the nearby activities and hence, the surrounding area businesses also grow.
  • Farmer’s market offer distinct and unique ways for increasing the scope of sale and purchase for farmers and the consumers. There is better encouragement for farmers and communities to grow and get attached with each other.

The market of farmers is beneficial for both the farmers and the communities. The benefits of appropriate pricing, best products and ease to purchase are the major focuses for people to adopt this way of buying and selling.

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